About us

Our vision is to create software solutions bringing effective innovations for small or big companies and their resources optimization and management.

Who we are

KODYS SLOVAKIA® has been operating in the field of automatic identification and data processing systems since 1995. Long-term experience and access to the most modern technologies of data collection, transmission and processing allow the company to create complex application systems for a wide range of customers from various industries.

Our values

Satisfied team
Our employees drive us forward with their experience and knowledge. One of our pillars is to build a stable and satisfied team of people who enjoy their work.
Strong and honest relationships
Strong and honest relationships with business partners and customers are an important part of our success.

Quality and Innovation
Innovation is a natural consequence of our efforts to continuously improve the quality of our services and products. Innovation enables us to continually deliver new and better solutions.

Main team EVIDEI

Michal Fišer
Branislav Kalina
Sales Director
Michal Iľaš
Channel Account Manager
Róbert Trnkóci
Product Manager
Tomáš Súder
Zuzana Čelková
Sales manager

Other members

Juraj Búda
Solution Architect
Tomáš Bohuš
Dominik Láznička
Silvia Sklabinska


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