EVIDEI solution

EVIDEI is comprehensive asset management solution for advanced asset management and effective inventory count of all company assets, using barcodes, RFID, or their combination. It can work either as an extension of ERP information system or as an independent stand-alone application. We already released the fourth generation of the solution, with decades of development behind. Also, through partners in more than twenty countries around the world, EVIDEI is used by satisfied customers across the industries.
Based on the real experience, the solution can speed up the assets' inventory count 2-3 times comparing to inventory count made only with pen and paper, together with significant human-factor mistakes elimination.

EVIDEI includes two platforms

Mobile application

Mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Web application

Available anywhere, anytime. All you need is a stable internet connection and a web browser into which you enter the URL https://app.evidei.com/.

Our clients


EVIDEI features for your business

Assets structure

In addition to the basic structure such as asset name, inventory number, serial number, original (ERP) number, unit price, acquisition/classification dates, removal date, suppliers’ classifiers, responsible persons and physical location, each client can define any number of additional classifiers, groups or text fields. Thus, the system can cover the needs of recording all information about each asset. Of course, it is possible to add photos and various electronic documents (attachments) to each asset as well.

The application allows to record any number of levels of physical location and logical classification of assets. Physical can be linked to each other and can be for example: room, building, city, etc. Logical levels can be classifications such as responsible person, financial department, asset type, project, etc.

Barcodes and RFID technology

Each asset is marked by resistant label or RFID tag with unique inventory number. The label design can be customized – it usually contains barcode, company logo, inventory number and name. Labels are used for marking the locations too.

How does EVIDEI work

Login into Web App and import your assets
Print labels and tag your assets
Install and login into Mobile App and count the assets
Check the results and finalize the count in Web App

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.
Yes, EVIDEI can be connected to other systems using the EVIDEI API web service.
RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The main difference between barcode and RFID is, that when using RFID, you don’t need asset’s direct visibility and you are able to read even hundreds of RFID tags per second.
Yes, it does not need to be connected to any other system.
Currently no, but it is in the development plan. It will be available during 2024.
EVIDEI customers are mainly companies with assets they need to manage.


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