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Asset management optimization for ESET

Leading IT company ESET headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia is well known for their innovative and awarded antivirus software. ESET’s threats detection solution is used in more than 200 countries around the world. Employing more than 1400 employees globally, they take the first place in Slovakia as IT company with the highest turnover.


Company ESET contacted us in a time when they were looking for a solution to speed up and simplify inventory processes of their assets. They have been already using barcode technology for assets inventory count, but they were not satisfied with that solution for many reasons. That is why they turned to us inquiring a RFID-based solution for assets inventory management.
Right after our first meeting related to mutual consultation and differentiation between customer’s requests and true needs we have come up with the fact that for their assets inventory count needs they should stick with the barcode technology instead of RFID. We have introduced our advanced asset inventory management system EVIDEI to them.

Compared to their previous solution and thanks to software EVIDEI, ESET could utilize more possibilities of barcode technology used in asset’s inventory count and not only for physical inventory count and assets scanning but mainly for wide functional capabilities of desktop application EVIDEI when processing and evaluating the count results. Using EVIDEI, customer was able to keep and use existing assets’ labelling on current assets and make new labelling system for new assets. Therefore, when implementing the new solution there was no need to label all the existing assets again.

Used technology

For physical assets inventory count, ESET uses ZEBRA TC51 mobile terminals running EVIDEI mobile application. The application is very user friendly and intuitive, so training even non-experienced users does not take long.


As our experiences confirm, the EVIDEI solution can speed up assets inventory multiple times. It can significantly reduce the number of errors what is very important for customers. We are very pleased that company ESET has also joined the group of our satisfied customers.

„Company KODYS SLOVAKIA advised us to keep the current labelling system, so it was not necessary to re-label all our existing assets. This fact speeded up the implementation of solution and system was ready within the month. EVIDEI has helped us not only by speeding up the inventory count process and reducing the errors during the count but it has also significantly speeded up complicated and time-consuming process of assets inventory results management.“
Lucia Talapkova
head of financial department

error reduction

count acceleration

handy asset management

advanced results management